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    2020-06-18 20:12:36

  • Following back the best duets of this!!!🤩🎓✅🥺

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@bigtiddyvscogirl THIS SOUND WAS PERFECT FOR IT I COULDNT😭😭😭😭 she really thought it was a p🤩rn✨

Reply to @memepage128 NO HATE to this person that commented this specifically. J thought I should explain to some ppl why I post abt it. #notokay

@thatliberalgirl pfps:👁👄👁

#duet with @thissonghasnotitle I DEADASS DIDNT WATCH THE EDNING 😭😭😭😭 until I duetted it. 🙈🥵 girl bye. I gtg (her voice angelic tho 👀👼🏼🔥✨)

@bigtiddyvscogirl please rise for the national anthem

✨❤️🥰🦋 trust ur gut. Don’t be scared to leave a situation that no longer serves you

Follow me on insta 🥰✅🥺 ~ megnutt02 or click it in my bio!!!! #fyp

I love pandas 🐼🎋✅🦋✨🐯🔥

#duet with @sabrinaablair THE LAST ONEEEE

Reply to @jonathanbinladen 😑

Tag ur ex and type one word to describe how you are without them🦋✨🔥

Story time?

Trying my best here to learn isolation 🔥🦋🥰 feat. My shoes. #fypシ

Woke up and saw 2.5 million 😭🥰🦋✨🔥 THANK YOU

#duet with @megnutt02 crazy how life changes for the better🥰❤️

So we posting this shit online now ig. 👀 #YouGotIt no hate to her.



Thanks @awfulcloth 💙!! Also.. big announcement soon. Hint: in the audio 👀🔥✅

The different types of people I went to school with 🥵👀✅ ACCURATEEEEEE ASF NOW THAT IM GRADUATED

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