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    2020-05-29 00:17:28

  • The bucket of water at the end tho 😂 @lance210

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I love this sound, idk why 🤣🤩

His reaction 💀Try this with your significant other 😂 @lance210

I went through some awkwarddd stages 😂 who can relate 🤭

Living with a messy person be like 🙄😫 @lance210

Say this to your significant other and see what they say 😂 @lance210

His reaction when he heard it 😂💀 @lance210

You won’t believe what I did to his car 😂😱 @lance210

We are such goofballs 😂🤪 @lance210

This dummy 😂💀💀 @lance210

Massaging your boyfriends back vs him massaging yours 😑 @lance210

The bucket of water at the end tho 😂 @lance210

I did NOT expect that at the end 😅😂 @lance210 🍑

His face at the end 💀😂 @lance210

Looking into our future 😳😂 @lance210


I’m engaged 🥰♥️ @lance210

When I pulled out the printer 😂 @lance210

I’m engaged! 💍 @lance210

He really said that to me 😞😭 @lance210

I scared the 💩 out of him @lance210

I accidentally dropped the entire bucket on him 😅🥴 @lance210

More pics on my insta @juliaxsummer 💛

His reaction 💀😂 @lance210

Fell asleep on my boyfriend to see how he would react and this happened... 😳 @lance210

Putting my own twist on this trend, he’s mine 😍🥵 @lance210

Lets see if my boyfriend cheats on his diet 😈 @lance210

Pass out on your boyfriend and see how he reacts 😂 @lance210

Ketchup prank 🤣 @lance210

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