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    2020-05-27 08:55:11

  • I’ll say it again. Thanks for 2 million 🥰✨💕 lovies

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Tag ur ex and type one word to describe how you are without them🦋✨🔥

Story time?

Trying my best here to learn isolation 🔥🦋🥰 feat. My shoes. #fypシ

Woke up and saw 2.5 million 😭🥰🦋✨🔥 THANK YOU

#duet with @megnutt02 crazy how life changes for the better🥰❤️

So we posting this shit online now ig. 👀 #YouGotIt no hate to her.



Thanks @awfulcloth 💙!! Also.. big announcement soon. Hint: in the audio 👀🔥✅

The different types of people I went to school with 🥵👀✅ ACCURATEEEEEE ASF NOW THAT IM GRADUATED


Should I dye my hair blonde?👀

Ooooo—- ignore the tag 🙃

I spilled the beans... literally 🤧

Frfr tho.. :0 and Thanks again lovies for 2.4 million ❤️🔥❤️

Thanks for 2.4 million🥺🥵❤️ Full leg reveal soon👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 jk. dc~. @faithmichelleb

Stop cappin 🧢 ❤️ my headphones decided to make a visit 🎧

If u get the reference. Ur a real one👀

@sofiastillspams Lmaoo. The duck 🐤😭🥵 #fyp

Concept art and. True 🥵

So I got my wisdom teeth out. And here’s my dad taking me to get ice cream.

For real tho. I hate when people are petty. Let’s all be straight up 🥰

@jordanalexanderwood hi🥰

I embarrassed my friends for this. 🤐

Dc~ @faithmichelleb okay but why is this this my new favorite dance. 🙈💖🙉

The lighting said ✨🥵 (feat. My sock tan) dc~ @tonylopez 🌈❤️💖

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