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    2020-05-27 02:34:11

  • My smile is coming back little by little ♥️🙏🏻 #fyp

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I did a whole house tour on my YouTube channel and people still think my room is the living room 🙃 #fyp

This is the first level of my room, now I have to clean the second level 😫😂 #fyp

Tenía tiempo sin hacer un TikTok en español ❣️ #fyp

Remember this next time you feel any type of negativity ♥️ #fyp

Sedona Arizona ❤️ #fyp

Forced her to do a TikTok with me 😅 #fyp

My toes do look suspicious though 😬🤣 #fyp

Maybe if I don’t point it out you guys won’t notice 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 #fyp

The ghosts in my room waiting for it to be 3 am #fyp

Happy Father’s Day ♥️ #fyp

It was so awkward doing this 🤣 who comes up with these? #fyp

My secret hiking spot in LA 😌 #fyp

people try to hurt my feelings by comparing me to a horse all the time but I take it as a compliment ♥️ 🐎 #fyp #lovehorses

Only angle where you don’t see all the people in the background like 👁👄👁 #fyp

Im happy on the inside I promise. I just don’t smile 🤪 @kingbach #fyp

This is a weird trend but I kind of like it 😂 #fyp

we either learn from our mistakes the first time or we’ll keep repeating them until we learn. #fyp

My dad always acts like he doesn’t like Tiktoks and he always ends up doing them with me 😂😂 #fyp

Keep moving forward never go back to people in your past, you left them back there for a reason 💕 #fyp

I thought the camera would hide my leg hair but I guess not 🥴 lol #fyp

Thats why I do whatever I want. Because you will never please people ♥️ #fyp

He belongs to the streets. 😜 I haven’t slept good btw ignore my bags.

My little brother was supposed to do it at the same time but he left me hanging 🥺 #fyp

I have a lot of energy today 😋 #fyp

Y ya que le dejo de hablar a alguien no le vuelvo a hablar jamás 😌

I got you sis, I’m on your side 😌 but don’t come at me, cause I won’t be on your side anymore.. I’ll block you as well 😂 #fyp

Before quarantine I weighed 120 and now I weigh 132 😶 #fyp

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