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    @arne.vdw Arne VDW

    2020-05-24 10:54:51

  • I love this sound so much #akkevisbae #belgie #trend

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Team panda for the win 🐼 @lissapiccioni

I walked into the lady by accident

Last time I will post this sound 🙃

Watch till the end haha

How adorable is she at the end? @lissapiccioni

Follow their instagram: glow_antwerp great location & perfect value!

10% version (shy)

Don’t mind the beginning 🥴

He accidentally put the music too loud

A funny fail

just me vibing on the music :)

No caption

Watch till the end :)

Shoot day is always fun :)

Kiss on your belly

Antwoorden aan @yyestjung

Day 2 of doing this dance till it goes hard

51% version

Antwoorden aan @imnikkijane legs are moving good yes

Antwoorden aan @onefineaday

Kiss on your belly

Should have done some warm-up first

Hood baby :)

Antwoorden aan @invincible_1963

Ayeeee issa vibe 🙃

Antwoorden aan @sfbhdv schrimp gang 🍤

Antwoorden aan @jecinthebox

Missing my girl @lissapiccioni

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