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    2020-05-13 22:16:24

  • lol @jenafrumes

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boba time @itstaylerholder @tonylopez


@itstaylerholder @nate_wyatt

@itstaylerholder @nate_wyatt

hi @itstaylerholder @jarvis

the new #Sommerraycollection july drop is gonna be fire 🤩 tap the link in my bio to shop my previous drops 💛

guys i painted this outfit

i’m obsessed w my mom lol

trying to teach mom the only dance i know hahahaha


lol i love this sound


i wanted to cuddle them


can you believe this lady is gonna be 56 years old 🤯

🥺💛 hahah #react to @bhrisai

i have an obsession w nicki

i obviously got my dancing talent from my mom hahahaha 🤦‍♀️

i’m the worst at tik tok hahahahha idc

hahahahha idk

mid workout dance partaaay lol i love this song 🍋

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