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    2020-03-25 22:53:59

  • Backwards hoodie PRANK on my stepmom (WATCH TIL THE END) 😂 @fashionnova

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I’m FOLLOWING everyone who subs to my YT (link in bio) 😳 comment “done” once you subbed and I’ll follow you back!

I broke this guys phone... 😂 his reaction had me shook and I started laughing ahaha #prank

Cutting people’s earbuds, then giving them brand new Beats headphones 😂 #prank

Behind the scenes of a singing challenge 😳 @fashionnova fashionnovapartner

Rubber bands vs Watermelon 😳 like for the results


Scare prank on my brother... 😅 the end didn’t go as planned #prank

Fake plant prank... 😅 your gonna want to watch til the end #prank

My stepmom got me with my own prank 🤣 I was so scared at the end @danaguild #prank

Fake tongue prank on my puppy 😂 the way she stretched it out #prank

Destroying someone’s iPad, then giving them a brand new one 😂 #prank

I let my grandma win 😊

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