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    @jasonderulo Jason Derulo

    2020-03-23 01:26:32

  • @jenafrumes was not hurt in making this video... but I was 🥴

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I think my niece @skylar_derulo loves TikTok as much as me 💙 #savagelove

2020🤦🏾‍♂️🤕 @ashley.hepler5

Tiktok made me do it 😂 @marypapageorge


Showing @itstaylerholder @tonylopez my crazy new Lambo 🤯 2022

I think you missed.. or did you? 🤔 @hannahstocking

Oh hell nah they gotta pay rent

Always wanted to try this 🔥🔥🔥

It’s so cooold 🥶 @jenafrumes


This was fun... @jenafrumes @itstaylerholder @sommerray

Try this with your squad @brentrivera @benazelart @lexibrookerivera @mason_fulp @jeremyhutchins @pierson

I don’t like surprises @shluvhouse

I drew this last night, what u think? 😂 jk

Who did it best, us or the sky? @justmaiko @itsjonathanle

#Cono @jenafrumes @itstaylerholder @sommerray

What time is it where u are?

Derulo Season

Had to hit it one time wit the bro @itstaylerholder

😂 @jenafrumes

Writing this caption from under the rock @mrmovi3

How in the hell does @spencerx do this

I could get in trouble for showing y’all this 🤫 #GhostDerulo

@amazonmusic with the assist Alexa, who’s #1 on the Pop Culture playlist? @jenafrumes

What cereal hit harder than Lucky charms? #coño

@itstaylerholder is a 😿 @jenafrumes @sommerray

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