• #duet with @weird._.softy #greenscreen You won!~Twins

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Check out More Videos from Kiribaku is the best!!! >:D💖

Happy Fourth of July!!!! 🥺🎉✨

I should’ve left this in the drafts •-•

My brothers going to kill me because I was watching tv in his room without his permission ;—;

Please go follow my friend @_thestupidpotato_ 🦈🦈🦈


Seriously :/

@addisonre is not fat! Ù-Ú~Deku

Bakugo looks so cute when he’s confused 😂😂

I tried :p

That’s what they look like in Gacha Club 👁👄👁

#greenscreen Duet this if you would like me to give your oc a make over ->-

I meant to show it at the end U-U

I had too ;—;


I ruined him UnU

Some of pictures ->- Most of them are Kirishima and Bakugo UvU

This is a joke U-U I’m just mad because I have a iPhone ;—;

Don’t ask about the song

Safaera is actually one of my favorite Spanish songs ._,

Here :p

Should I finish this?

Did I just make a new sound :0

Should this be my intro? 0>0

Should I post this on YouTube ;-;

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