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    2020-02-11 00:01:27

  • I don’t mean to bring this back up, but...

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I think they misunderstood the need for Face Masks.

Man, I miss James Corden.

Mood for the next couple weeks.

I don’t mean to bring this back up, but...

Who we are is the result of thousands of individual actions. 📹: @austinatale

Also, fries.

Rumor has it he’s still dancing to this day

As if I haven’t been flip-turned upside down before

Fall early. Fall often. Fall forward.

It really was.

Did you brush your teeth today?

This fan art has me feelin’ like y’all aren’t really fans... 🤣

You might need to sit down for this.

Don’t duet this. 🎨: Auden Lincoln Vogel & Nata Metlukh

Willow better love it cuz I can’t return it. 📹: @calebnatale

A rose by any other name would taste as delicious. #dumplings

Bend the universe to your Will.

Had an idea for a Tik Tok but I decided to scrap it last minute.

My bad, I need a chiropractor.

Adventure is out there 🌍

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