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    2019-11-29 20:53:23

  • What y’all know about that #mopchallenge

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The little guys caught us lacking with the squirt guns... but that’s ok! NEXT WEEK ITS ON! 🤣💪🏽

Did we hit this or nah?

Expired eggs... an old box of gloves... and a nice day... social distance games! 💪🏽

No matter how bad things get... never let it stop you from having fun!

We got TyTy back rollin 💪🏽

I mustache you a question...

The good news is... I’m still undefeated in Rock Paper Scissors! 💪🏽

Quarantine ain’t stopping our fun! 💪🏽

Think I’ll still be able to dance when I’m fat?

The dogs of TikTok are making me happy right now 🤣

The good old days....... a simpler time.

Day 20...



Dad bods are in anyways right?

It’s just a well known fact...

Slow man slow man yea that’s you!

A little motivation to help get you through all these chaos! 💪🏽 #cvoid19

I’m trying to social distance! 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

What’s your favorite BBQ song?!

that warm weather hit different

“These aint Gucci” 🤣☠️

Keep shining! 💪🏽👑

Everyone wish my little homie Mayo a HBD! 🎂 🎉


“Cracket cracket CRACKETTTTT”

Be the change...

Hahaha help us out! Which one... A or B?

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