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    @walker Walker Fleming

    2019-11-13 18:50:17

  • Pranks wars has started with my mom 😱😂 #foryou #fyp

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POV: you’ve broke me multiple times but i’m stuck on all the memories that we could’ve made #foryou #fyp

He was too smacked to even notice i was recording 💀😂 #foryou #fyp

It took them 3 weeks to almost finish it 💀😂 #foryou #fyp

Pov: your the tissue box watching walker getting tested for corona #foryou #fyp

Listen😱❗️Found a way to get out of school!!!!!!!! #foryou #fyp

We were talking for a month.. she was with some random guy😱😣 #foryou #fyp

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