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    2019-10-30 21:59:00

  • You guys (literally) asked for this 😂 #comedy #fyp #wtbdijw

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Recess time #wtbdijw guys this one hurt lol 

Do you all remember when making a “silly” or “ugly” face was considered comedic? CRINGE!! Lol

Coronavirus that he was winning 2020...

my puppy has two sides, like the one you see first. Who’s going to win?!? @jordyntrobiani

My puppy has two sides, like the one you see first! Who going to win?!? @jordyntrobiani

One year anniversary! Tiktok has changed a lot

all my friends told me I would be famous one day but it wasn’t until I believe in myself it actually happened #imagineU

My type of Burrito 😅 


you guys asked for a “real” singing video, so here you go....

How I entertain myself during quarantine 

Not the greatest fall but that for last second of singing tho 😂

I miss the old tiktok...

“Idk y I keep getting so much attention”

Call me iguana 

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