• I do love a boy with a good 4wd car but I can’t explain the boys any better then this #foryou #australia #4wd #cars #teenboys

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TW/ JonBenet Ramsey will always hold a special place in my heart. One of the saddest most confusing cases ever

What’s your favourite show right now? Mines greys anatomy 🤩

I wonder what Jason paid for this sound track

Comment what you’re age will be in 2035?

This was smooth. I’m proud of myself. I used water because the glass cleaner wouldn’t rub off easy #wipe

I always thought it was black around the sides not dark blue but that’s so cool

The pile of clothes on my bed 🤭 QOTD: what sport do you play? & tag a team mate

I can’t come up with a caption for this... someone come up with inr

If he doesn’t do these we don’t want em

So I posted a new insta! And the first 10 people to comment and like get a duet! Make sure you’re public 🤍

I’m constantly having to remind myself to walk and smile

I wish I had straight white teeth, a curvy body, bigger boobs and a nicer side profile. But I like to think I make up for it through my personality

Give it a try next time girl 🤷🏼‍♀️

Those baby hairs are a problem

Should I dye my hair blonder? Yes/No

My nans twin has the most magical backyard

Probably the most refreshing weekend away

My Nan was awkwardly smiling at me haha

When he wears your riding gear.... do you ride or have you ever riden? #motorbikes

Comment the best ✨🧚‍♂️🦋 comments you’ve seen, I find them so funny Outfit: @nastygal

Thank you @nastygal for the beautiful clothes I absolutely adore them!! NASTY55 for 55% off ✨ #ad

Jk I get car sick

Which one idk

George 🤩

Comment your favourite pet names, I need to start a list for future pets

Make the comments seem like a 40 year olds Facebook 🤭😂

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