• iambeckyg

    @iambeckyg Becky G

    2019-10-08 00:45:12

  • #ChickenNoodleSoup! 🍜 🇰🇷🇲🇽🇺🇸 Shoutout to my friend J-HOPE! For the culture! #CNSchallenge

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urvi15123 - Urvashi K 1 month ago
urvi15123 - Urvashi K

jhooooooooooppppppppppe 💖💗💟💓💕💞💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

rachaellevy - Rachael Levy 4 months ago
rachaellevy - Rachael Levy

this is a remake of a old song if no one knew. got check out the original. and see which 1 ulike the most

sopesandwich - SOPESANDWICH 🤫 4 months ago
sopesandwich - SOPESANDWICH 🤫

Love the song! So proud of BeckyG and JHope!!! This shows music truly transcends languages and we need more. Love you all so much

30667199601 - あかり 3 months ago
30667199601 - あかり

なんやろ自分のホソクでも自分はbts でもないのに..メンバーと違う人と踊ってると.うちのホソクが最高ですやろ!?💓感でてくるのわたしだけ?w

94o218 - なぁたろ 3 months ago
94o218 - なぁたろ


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