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_mia_3371 - _mia_3371 3 months ago
_mia_3371 - _mia_3371

мне одной показалось что он сказал "Смотри,смотри какая игрушка клевая появилась!"?[laughwithtears][laughwithtears][laughwithtears]

chrisudalla - chrisp 4 months ago
chrisudalla - chrisp

@officialhowiemandel i’ve been trapped in your basement for 5 days please let me out

mostidum - Morgan Stidum 2 months ago
mostidum - Morgan Stidum

Someone on Howie’s media team! If you see the please show him the tiktok I made for him 🙏🏾😂

z4bts - Z4bts 1 month ago
z4bts - Z4bts

U are a Bts army ??? Can u tell us if u are one u will have so much more followers if u tell us plz tell us

_random_li - M Cristina Delgado 2 months ago
_random_li - M Cristina Delgado

Omg! 🤦🏻‍♀️it’s BTS = BEHIND THE SCENES because it’s a video from behind the scenes of the show 9-1-1, not BTS the k-pop group!!! 🤣

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