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    2019-08-28 03:51:46

  • 😳#saveouroceans #sksksk #tiktokdogs #fyp #foryou #viral #funny

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marvelchicky - Liv 5 months ago
marvelchicky - Liv

This just made me think of the Incredibles, when Dash put a tack on the teachers chair 🤣

deuce420lol - Deuce🧃 5 months ago
deuce420lol - Deuce🧃

If someone did this, I didn’t know or see it before I made this, people can have similar ideas 😳

aaronsimpin - ¿ 5 months ago
aaronsimpin - ¿

this is an accurate representation of what would happen to me 😂😂😭

cksey - casey 5 months ago
cksey - casey

this made me laugh so hard my roommate was like "send me that" through the wall 😂

randy03d - randy03d 5 months ago
randy03d - randy03d

This is the first time in a while I actually laughed at a tiktok😂😂😂

jaselemon - Jase 5 months ago
jaselemon - Jase

does anybody remember the show with the two little british kids and it was on disney

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