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RoseBangtanizer / BTS and ARMYs universe🌌 purplehearted/onebraincell tiktokforBTS💜

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This is RoseBangtanizer TikTok Profile (@rosebangtanizer1013). Here you can discover all videos posted on TikTok Profile.

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You can find RoseBangtanizer's videos and photos published newly on his personal account @rosebangtanizer1013. RoseBangtanizer's has 16 followers and follows 28 users on tiktok. Since @rosebangtanizer1013 has joined tiktok and has posted over 8 videos altogether. RoseBangtanizer's posted have received hearts (likes) from other tiktok members, other videos from other tiktok users are liked by @rosebangtanizer1013. Nowadays RoseBangtanizer's account isnt a verified profile on tiktok. More information about @rosebangtanizer1013 such as lives in and date of birth remains unknown. If you want to have the chance to check on rosebangtanizer1013' updates or want to see rosebangtanizer1013 posts check up profile here and follow the users.

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Date Followers Following Likes Videos
2020-07-12 +0 16 +0 28 +0 79 +0 8
2020-06-24 +0 16 +0 28 +0 79 +0 8

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The account has a total of 8 titktok videos and the posts are published by @RoseBangtanizer (@rosebangtanizer1013) through the tiktok app