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BTS 7 BOY / my 😇OPPA 😜SUGA ❤💋❤

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This is BTS 7 BOY TikTok Profile (@itzz._.rozam). Here you can discover all videos posted on TikTok Profile.

Here’s BTS 7 BOY's Tiktok profile where you can find and see all videos posted and shared by @itzz._.rozam on his profile.

You can find BTS 7 BOY's videos and photos published newly on his personal account @itzz._.rozam. BTS 7 BOY's has 702 followers and follows 295 users on tiktok. Since @itzz._.rozam has joined tiktok and has posted over 4 videos altogether. BTS 7 BOY's posted have received hearts (likes) from other tiktok members, other videos from other tiktok users are liked by @itzz._.rozam. Nowadays BTS 7 BOY's account isnt a verified profile on tiktok. More information about @itzz._.rozam such as lives in and date of birth remains unknown. If you want to have the chance to check on itzz._.rozam' updates or want to see itzz._.rozam posts check up profile here and follow the users.

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Date Followers Following Likes Videos
2020-07-12 +0 702 +0 295 +0 186 +0 4

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The account has a total of 4 titktok videos and the posts are published by @BTS 7 BOY (@itzz._.rozam) through the tiktok app